The press in Great Britain has worked very successfully for the last few hundred years. Unfortunately the rise of the internet has financially impacted the advertising revenue of the printed media, resulting in a loss of reporters who are vital in identifying, assessing and opening any can of worms that should be opened for the good of society.

Another problem is that the owners of the printed media hide behind tax havens. This amorality is totally unacceptable in today’s society, if you can’t pay your taxes like everyone else, you have no right to form opinion via your newspaper.

Our Free Press Policy.

All newspaper owners will be encouraged to sell their paper/s to their employees at a price that is reasonable bearing in mind the objective.

The government will provide funding via the Employee Purchase Fund at 7% interest per annum, with a 20 year repayment term.

It is anticipated that print media will have dual outlets – print as well as the internet.

Business advertising placed with any employee owned newspaper, can be charged at 140% of actual cost of the advertising for tax purposes. Until such time that this is abused by the contracting newspaper, when the benefit will be withdrawn.

Business will only be claim 70% of any advertising cost, if placed with any tax avoiding internet companies, or any internet company who does not have a full time team of reporters active in Great Britain.

Any employee owned newspaper will be exempted from business tax as long as  profits are paid out to employees.

Business rates will be assessed at 80% of the calculated rate.

Any inaccurate/unfair/unnecessary/malicious reporting will result in a fine on all employees – who will be given the right to reclaim their share of the fine from the guilty parties within their newspaper.