Is the EU good for Britain.

The answer to that is yes and no.

Yes because it makes sense to trade with our neighbours. Would I rather have tomatoes from Holland or Australia? Oil from Norway or Saudi Arabia. Lights from Italy or China. Milk from Ireland or New Zealand. Wine from France or California.

There are two reasons to trade with your direct neighbours. Well off, economically occupied neighbours make happy contented people – easy to live with. If global warming is caused by mans pollution, then shipping is our biggest culprit. If we are to reduce pollution, then we have to reduce our seaborne trade until such time as all ships have clean burning engines, and no longer reliant on heavy fuel. I challenge anyone to stand on the white cliffs of Dover, on a windless winter day, looking out at the red brown fog hanging over the channel, to argue that we should grow our seaborne trade.

No because uncontrolled immigration reduces your wages and ramps up your housing costs.

No because uncontrolled domination of Europe by France and Germany will lead to depressions and unemployment as the wealth of their nations is reduced by the euro, which short term is fantastic for Germany but terrible for everyone else.

Before the 2nd world war there were 6 million unemployed in Germany. Today there are approximatly 13 million unemployed in the Euro area. Approximatly 3 million each in France, Spain, Italy  and 1 million in Greece. Youth unemployment is 20% in France, 32 % in Spain, 32% in Italy and 40% in Greece.

A political institution that embeds high youth unemployment via the failed economic policy of the euro cannot be successful. The primary problem with the Euro is the most productive nations win the economic battle as they produce the cheapest goods. This shuts down the less efficient employers in the other parts of Europe resulting in permanant long term unemployment. Britain has survived the catastrophy of 20 to 40% youth unemployment as we still have the pound. The pound has weakened substantially against the euro thus making our goods cheaper in Europe and European goods more expensive here, therefore protecting our employees as our businesses have the protection of a floating exchange rate. People buy “British” because it is cheaper than buying German or Italian.

Another unseen, never discussed impending disaster is something called Target 2 imbalances. Because of the euro, Germany is permanantly destroying competing businesses in southern Europe, so the target 2 imbalance is now running at 800 billion euros per month. To explain, let us take Italy as an example. Italy is bankcrupt. Because Italy cannot print its own currency and has in effect run out of money, when they spend money on German goods they don’t have it. So the ECB takes the money out of the German banks and sends it back to Italy. This means the Italians have no incentive to buy “Italian” as there is no hike in German prices, as there would be in Britain when the pound weakened against the euro. The interesting thing about all this is the Italians are the 17th richest people in the world with a median wealth per adult of $80 000 with the Germans trailing behind the Greeks at 31 richest with a median wealth of $36 000. You will be pleased to know the British are at 13 th with a median wealth of just under $100 000.

The economics of the Eurozone is very complicated. But we need to be very aware that the euro is a mess for the following reason. If Italy pulled out of the euro and the EU, all nations in the EU would suffer catastrophic economic collapse as Italy could not repay any of its debts. It would be a global banking crisis of unseen proportions, also badly affecting the UK. But the disaster for Italy is the longer they stay in the EU and euro the more debt they rack up, the worse their unemployment gets and the downward spiral will continue until they have no choice but the declare bankcruptcy and take the world with them. An even worse outcome is continued membership of the EU resulting in economic instability, unemployment, hunger and hopelessness leading to social breakdown. The disaffected then look for a culprit, an enemy! If the wrong person comes along at the right time, be they left or right wing, another war could be in the offing.

So the Euro monster simply cannot tolerate any dissent. It cannot be allowed to fracture. The only way it can be saved is to eliminate all local political opposition and create a superstate where the unelected Brussels elite can pull the strings of power to keep the show on the road.

Brexit has to be a mess. The people of Britain have to be punished. They cannot be set free because if they are, then others may follow. Italy is nearly there and Italy has to be kept under control and in the fold otherwise disaster looms when they pull out of the euro.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Brussels has absolute power. It has destroyed Greece as a warning to all other Euro nations. It is in the process of destroying democracy in the UK with complicit UK MP’s assisting the EU while destroying our democracy.

Stay tuned.

Britain is a sovereign nation.

To be clear a sovereign nation stands on its own two feet, decides it own destiny, decides it own monetary, trade,  labour policy etc. etc. et. al.

We are not beholden to anyone. We pay no country to trade with them. We accept no unelected leaders, presidents or any other type of unelected appointee. All civil servants are accountable to the people and if they misbehave in any way financially or democratically  – then they go.

For the past two hundred years France then Germany have done everything to dominate Europe resulting in the deaths of millions. Britain has foiled these attempts multiple times. Britain has no ideological desire to dominate Europe. We had the opportunity to colonise France after Napoleons defeat. We did not. We had the opportunity to  colonise Germany after 1918 and again after 1945 and the deaths of 80 million people.  We did not.

In the last war Britain, the much maligned Russia and America saved Europe from itself. If it was not for Britain today there would be no Jews, Black, Asian, disabled, gypsey, gays or lesbians alive anywhere in the EU. Not one.

European domination by the French and the Germans is a dream of the elites within these two nations. But like any crusade, other nations join in welcoming the new age of French/German domination.

Global, unaccountable, non tax paying business loves the EU because the 28 unelected, unaccountable, totally independant commissionaires can be charmed, entertained, hosted and bribed to do their bidding. There are multiple ways for a large oligopoly to destroy their competition and stop small business from growing and eating  into their business and profits. New laws (80 000) at the last count, are created by unelected cronies made up of friends of the federal ideology. They are called Commissionaires (just like the Russian Commissars of old). They are accountable to no one, are bribe-able, are blended in with big business and create laws to favour big business, destroying competition from the bottom up. In their defense they also create some very good laws too. But they are completely unaccountable to anyone – ever. All the house can do is vote for whatever laws the Commissars cook up. They can’t reject them permanently, just like Teresa Mays withdrawal agreement, they keep coming back until they are voted in.

The EU can never be changed democratically from the inside because all your MEP can do is vote YES for something or send it back so it can reappear at the next sitting – they cannot create their own laws. This structure is no different to the USSR of old or China now. So if you can’t change the EU – the only option is to leave it.

That’s why we absolutely have to leave the EU.

I encourage all members to read widely on the EU, read about Greece, read about Italy, find out about Spain and the incredibly high youth unemployment all across the Southern parts of the EU. Understand the target 2 imbalance situation.

Find out about the impending Euro disaster. To be incredibly brief: Germany is hyper efficient in producing stuff but Italy, Spain and Greece are not. So in Euro terms, Germany can produce goods cheaper than anywhere else, so industrially Germany gets bigger and stronger while everywhere else gets poorer. The Germans don’t actually get richer though, what happens is the Italians, Greeks, Spanish, Belgians, Portuguese and a few other nations spend 800 billion euros each month that they don’t have. The ECB makes a note of this and sends the funny money back where it came from, so it never really goes into the German banks and gets translated into actual capital wealth. This system brought down the USSR – it is just a matter of time before it brings down the EU. It’s complicated so don’t sweat the details just look at the figures. The Germans on average are the 29 th richest people in the world, they are even poorer than the Greeks who are 27th. Work that one out.

The so called reason for having the EU was to stop another European war. The problem is poor people don’t make for stability. The last great war was caused by the great depression. Poor people look for a saviour and if he happens to be a lunatic like Hitler, Franco or Mussolini generally it’s too late by the time they find out. The most astonishing thing during the endless Westminster stupidity was not a single person mentioned the riots in France. Paris burns and the Brit’s think that a central command based in Brussels is the solution.

Our rational and Brexit Policies:

Policy: All EU laws are to be rescinded without exception. EU laws will be used as guidelines by the courts and if found to be good adopted into law by precedant.

Policy: We will become a sovereiegn nation accountable to no one with our old sea boundries reinstated.

Policy: We will request a free trade agreement with the EU but not expect one. We will need to take action as follows:

It is really important that we make our own stuff. Every day the UK sends one truck full of goods to the EU and we import 2 trucks full of stuff. Here is a massive business opportunity. Lets make as much stuff as we can and reduce the the two trucks to one or even less. Our businesses can double or triple their revenues.

Policy: Every importer will have to attend a compulsory trade show held in London, Birmingham and Glasgow. They will set out their wares physically or virtually with benchmark prices. All UK producers will be encouraged to attend to close the loop and see how many EU products can be replaced by our local businesses. The trade shows will be paid for by the Government, all costs will be 120% reclaimable against tax.

Northern Ireland and Scotland combined have a fiscal deficit of approximately £30 billion. We need to make both these countries financially viable and get their books balanced. There are other regions in the UK that are desperately in need of permanent jobs. The south east of England is very crowded and wealthy part of the country,  so we need to move business and people out of the SE and into these other areas. We need to grow our manufacturing base by encouraging the organic growth of local manufacturers and “importing” multinational manufacturers where we consume vast quantities of their products.

Policy: Anyone in the UK who makes anything i.e. is designated as a manufacturer will pay no business rates. For manufacturing companies based in designated areas e.g. Northern Ireland the top rate of personal tax will be 25%. For a period of 2 years from start up they will not pay business/corporation tax. After 2 years their business tax will be at 10% as long as they do not use any tax havens within their corporate structure.