A perfect society is created by a perfect education system

Without being too prescriptive and also bearing in mind our mantra:

Adults can do anything they wish, in company if needs be, as long as their actions do not harm anyone else.

We also need to bear in mind that our EEC policy is to rescind all European union laws, keeping them as guidelines only. To remind our fearful members, these guidelines will only come into legal force once used as precedent by a judge in a UK court of law.

Putting aside the EEC and the freedom of the individual, why does education create a prefect society:

Morality is all in a free society. Free, well educated nations enjoy low crime and little violence in their neighborhoods. They enjoy a more healthy lifestyle, free of drug, alcohol, sex abuse. They understand the link between good food and a long and happy life. They desire and achieve their objectives. The education system prepares them for their future, focusing on what they can do well and enjoy doing. Better education creates higher wages and a higher standard of living. It allows one to understand that British society is tolerant of others. We accept that some people will always be more fortunate than others and some less so. Good education makes you understand history and learn from it, thus not reinventing the wheel or making the same mistakes twice.

The preceding paragraphs put a massive responsibility on our teaching community. But we have no doubt in their ability to pull this off, as long as they are given the help and resource’s they need.

We should not be dictating what the teaching community should be doing on a day to day basis, as they are the experts, but we have to perhaps move things in a different direction.

Our philosophy regarding children is different to that of adults. A child has to be taught right and wrong. Tolerance. Respecting other peoples property. How to read, write do math’s and treasure our history and learn from it.

This means that every penny spent on education must create the morally upright citizen that can do as he pleases with anyone else when they reach adulthood, because they understand the boundries to work within.

A major failure in our education system is there are some parents who have no parenting skills, no ambition for their children and in some cases are children themselves. We intend to reboot this systemic failure


Policy Actions.

1) Pre school and Primary school children who come to the attention of the police, social services, or the school itself as needing additional nourishment and moral guidance will be taken into the “Schools breakfast and afternoon club”. The intention is that neglectful parential care will be replaced by the local school in the morning and afternoon sessions by responsible adults who can guide them to become useful citizens. If we assume that there are a fair proportion of neglectful parents recieveing social care, then this will free them to do the work required of them as a condition of their dole reciepts.

2) All PFI in schools will cease. Any morally honest PFI provider who pays full tax in the UK will be paid out at a 10 % gross profit over the initial cost of the project, less funds already paid and any reasonable annual running costs. The provider will have the right to challenge an unfair profit assessment and if they can prove their case, compensation will be granted as long as it does not exceed the 10% gross profit margin.

3) Any PFI provider that has any relationship to a tax haven or a complicated ownership structure ramping up interest on the initial loan greater than the base rate plus 2 % will be paid out as follows: Initial cost of the project less the money already paid, equals the amount to be paid. Should these these organizations suffer a loss, it will teach them that good education comes at a cost and they should do better in future.

PFI payouts will be done via the Bank of England.

3) All future building projects will be funded directly by the Bank of England.

4) £10 billion will be transferred from the Foreign Aid budget as additional funding for our schools

5) Forest schools are becoming an interesting aspect of our education system. It must be expanded out to incorporate farming as well. Nature study, farming and forestry will allow our children to appreciate the importance of how our society can only thrive if we protect our natural environment while feeding ourselves.