Food production is a strategic industry to be protected by Government.

Farming is a business – an Agri-business. It has taken on all the forms of the globalised economy. Big is better. Big is more efficient. People and the animals are just costs to be controlled and pushed through the floor. Automation is best so you can get rid of people. The supermarkets call all the shots, they dictate the product size, shape, delivery, packaging and worst of all the price. They care not a bit about the farmer, his toil during his hours worked. Mono cropping creates a wasteland kept alive with fertilizer. GM crops are grown to thawt every insect or bird or beastie that used to live in the country. Drive through France to see how nothing lives except what is dictated by the farmer which is dictated by the supermarket.

The natural world starts right outside your door. Each and every one of us must do whatever we can to ensure that nature thrives while it feeds us.


Farm payments are made to the person farming the land. No payments will be made to any owner of the land unless he is directly involved in farming the land. No payments will be made to any person or company that has any association with an offshore tax haven.

Payments will decline as acarage increases. So small acerage recieves the highest payment and large acerage over 1000 acres none at all.

For any farm with 1000 plus acres, an annual rewilding payment will be made to turn land back to the wild to enhance biodiversity. Grants will be offered to erect fences or water rescources (ponds).

Any farmer with less than 150 acres will fall out of the DEFRA compulsury inspections and reporting, until such time as the farmers methods, product or behavior is found wanting.

Any farm income up to £50 000 per annum will be exempted from business tax. This helps our small farmers to grow into bigger farmers.


  • The UK waters will be as per their boundaries before their loss to the EEC.
  • All foreign fishing permits will become void with no compensation.
  • Fishing permits will be sold to UK based/owned private individual fishing boats.
  • MCZ will be set up so every alternate 5 miles of UK coast will be completely protected. Penalty for fishing in a protected rea will be confiscation of all assets, fines of £10 000 for each crew member and £50 000 for the skipper and owners.


  • Farmers will be allowed to set the price of their production using an open book basis showing all costs of production and a profit that allows reinvestment and a decent lifestyle.
  • All supermarkets will be obligated to show videos at the point of sale of the conditions the animals lived in before slaughter. Penalties for non-compliance will be the board of the supermarket will each face fines of £50 000 per incident.
  • Any supermarket with greater than 10% market share will be forced into ownership by current staff and suppliers.
  • A sliding scale for the single farm payment will be made starting at 50 acres and ending at 1500 acres.
  • For any farm over 1500 a rewilding payment will be made to release large blocks of land back to nature (200 acres or greater).
  • No savings are envisaged for these payments as:
    1. The plan is to skew payments in favour of small farmers who can hopefully develop specialized produce for their region.
    2. Encourage rewilding on larger estates to allow a recovery from the agro-chemical regime.
    3. Food production is viewed as a strategic must have by government.