Our world is actually warming up. We see ice caps receding, coral reefs dying. Searing temperatures drying up water sources.

We understand the implications of global warming but dealing with it in a logical way is very challenging.

Do we close down our coal fired power station.

Do we close down all our steel works and just buy it in from China.

Do we put 4000 people out of work because coal has a bad name.

Do we buy our electricity from Germany who has some of the worlds largest coal power station.

Do we just use gas from Russia. What happens when the sun doesn’t shine on our solar panels throughout the winter. Or when the wind stops blowing. Or when we shut down our nuclear power plants.

Global warming is fantastic way for Governments to collect tax using our collective conscience to ensure we pay up. But does a tax that just goes into the big pot actually do anything.

The Reform party will keep all coal mining and coal fired power plants going while a stretegic study is undertaken balancing our national security with global warming and with employment.

Our Armed forces will be deployed to protect rare species across the world impacted either by global warming or mans rapacious greed for money destroying natural resources.