Why is immigration good for Britain.

Immigration is a necessary function of a successful society. A successful society will have a very high standard of living with a well paid, happily contented population. But this society will inevitably have employers who are short of workers for two main reasons – society has created a shortage of the skills required for certain industries ( which needs to be rectified) and our society has reached a point where low skilled, physically hard work in a industry which is on its knees financially, cannot attract enough local staff to fill those roles.

Another reason why immigration is beneficial to society is it creates a “cushion” in a recession. This works as follows: as the economy ramps up immigrants, many who are temporary and send money home, will head home during a downturn thus saving on unemployment benefit and social issues, allowing the primary workforce hopefully (there are no guarantees) to stay in employment.

In a nutshell immigration is good for a successful society.

When is immigration bad for Britain.

None of us should be in any doubt why the EEC government and our elected politicians want uncontrolled immigration. Britain and Europe is open for business and to be competitive, the captains of industry have to get wages down so their firms can compete with Chinese workers on $200 a month or Indian workers on $60 per month.

If you flood Britain with millions of people from all over the world or from eastern Europe, wages have to go down. The other big plus of uncontrolled immigration is it creates a “housing” shortage, gifting the landed gentry the most profitable crop ever, a crop of houses at incredible prices. This is further facilitated by the complicit planners who won’t allow a extension to your house but are happy to give permission to a house builder for 5000 homes on a greenfield site next door.

Uncontrolled immigration is about reducing your wages and making where you live horribly expensive.

Reform Party Humanitarian Philosophy

As a nation we must run our budgets in exactly the same way that any sensible family runs their household finances. Spend less than we earn, borrow as a long term investment, save for a rainy day and ensure we have a good pension.

As a nation we have no spare cash, Britain is bankrupt – we spend more than we earn. We owe more than £1 trillion. We spend £54 billion p.a. on interest making our banking friends very rich indeed. We spend £42 billion on schools which creates (or should) a better society. We spend £142 billion on the NHS. 

£54 billion on interest is a complete and utter waste of tax payers money. So we have to prioritise how we look after people.

The elderly have created the fantastic society we have today, in return we must look after them so they can have a dignified and comfortable old age.

A compassionate nation cannot under any circumstances accept homeless people on its streets. There will be no one sleeping rough in Britain.

We have to protect and look after our physically and mentally disabled people, if they live at home – their carers too. A good society is be judged by it’s compassion to its most fragile people and the people who look after them.

Our prisoners are a section of society that need a massive amount of investment to educate and train, to create a society without crime and fear.

The Reform Party will look after our own first, thus ensuring we become the best society in the world.

We understand that there are 7000 million people in the world and around 5000 million would love to live in Britain given the chance. But the Reform Party will have a policy of no immigration, unless there is a well defined and calculated economic benefit to the general British population.

Immigration will be allowed when:

For all intents and purposes when there is no unemployment in the UK – immigration will be stopped if job centers have unemployed UK residents to fill local vacancies.

The unemployed will be required to move for work in other areas. Having large numbers of people permanently on the dole is madness, when there are vacancies in other areas. If people can move from Asia, Africa the EEC to Great Britain, then an unemployed person can move from Liverpool to London.  

If British companies are unable to fulfill their staff quota’s, due to the lack of unemployed people, they will be allowed to recruit workers outside the UK, who will be able to enter on a short, medium or long term visa according to the employment contract.

To be clear that means if you turn up illegally or an immigration official cannot justify your entry into the country as a visitor due to suspicious circumstances – you go home.

No immigrant will be allowed access to the British welfare system or have any access to Legal Aid. Illegal immigrants will be held in detention centers until they can be repatriated back home.

Refugee Policy

We do understand that refugees need shelter. To this end we will implement two policies to facilitate the continued compassion of the British people.

  1. Each council tax payer will be asked to make a contribution to a refugee fund via their local council tax payments system. This facility will be run by the council but the funding will be ring fenced only for refugee expenditure. Our policy will be to allow refugees into the country using that funding and limited by that funding. The funding will be used to ensure they become integrated, independent, productive, tax paying members of local society at a council level, in the shortest possible time.
  2. Private individuals will be allowed to take on a refugee/refugee families at their cost. They would need to register, prove financial independence and have refugees assigned to them – on the same basis – they very quickly become productive tax paying members of British society.