Military Services

In 1910 nobody foresaw that by the end of 1918 20 million soldiers will be dead.

In 1929 nobody foresaw that by the end of 1945 over 60 million people would be dead, Europe destroyed and partitioned.

The British Armed forces have protected these island for over 1000 years. They are a strategic national asset and need to be preserved as a fighting force to be reckoned with. This means that all soldiers need to be exposed to front line action, which will cause injury and death. Injury and death are unavoidable in an active soldiers life. That is one of the reasons for joining up. As a nation we have to do two things – either completely disband the armed forces and hope that for the next 100 years nobody will threaten the British Isles or we maintain a fighting force in a permanent state of readiness by deploying our forces, by invitation for short periods across the globe, to assist legitimate governments in fighting armed conflicts.

This way we will not be in breach of honor by a Blairite “crusade” and then face the consequences of the unplanned for aftermath. By exposing the whole of the armed forces to frontline action, we will avoid the handwringing, politically correct inability to act when called upon to do so. This calls to mind the Dutch commander who stood by and watched 10 000 Muslim men being marched off to their deaths.

Armed Intervention Conditions.

  1. An invitation will be needed from a legitimate government.
  2. Payment will be required for the UK forces intervention.
  3. There will be a moral imperative to act, to stop needless killing of innocents and the creation of a refugee situation.
  4. We will not put a Western politically correct interpretation onto a third world country i.e. we understand that a despot may be required to keep a lid on things by implementing draconian measures. Taking Iraq as an example it was better that Saddam killed 1000 people per year, than the mess left by the Blair/Bush crusade which has killed hundreds of thousands and blighted the lives of millions across the middle east.
  5. We will join forces with any allies of the legitimate government to crush the amoral forces facing that government.
  6. The final test will be: if the enemy of the invitee country were on the UKs borders, would we be act to destroy them.
  7. The house will approve the military action, after scrutiny by the relevant government ministers.

Deployment Conditions.

  1. The deployment will be for no longer than 6 to 12 months.
  2. An initial period of familiarization will be required where officers and NCOs will be embedded with the invitee’s army.
  3. Once they are ready for deployment the troops will be deployed into the front line.
  4. As soon as our forces are IED targets with zero enemy contact they will be withdrawn.
  5. The rules of engagement will be according to enemy activity.
  6. No one under 21 years of age can be deployed into a front line position unless next of kin have signed an approval form, but they can be deployed in country in a support role.
  7.  All deployments will be done on a voluntary basis. Soldiers will be given three opportunities to volunteer, if they still refuse after the second invitation they will be required to resign from the Armed Forces.

Assistance with wildlife protection.

The Reform Party is committed to mitigate the impact of climate change and destruction of habitat through mans greed. A major major concern for the armed forces is retention of top quality staff who get bored when there are no decent deployments avaliable. Good soldiers leave, wasting expensive high quality training, which has to start all over again.

The British government will offer military deployments around the world to protect whatever species requires protection. Examples may be as follows:

Galapagos Islands: The Royal Navy/Royal Marines could be deployed to assist wildlife officers in patrolling the islands to prevent poaching. The ships will be deployed to patrol the waters around the Galapagos Islands to prevent illegal Chinese shark finning operations.

The Royal Navy will be deployed to harass, stop and prevent illegal whaling anywhere in the world.

The Army could be deployed to patrol and prevent poaching in any sanctury to protect any endangered species: be it elephant, bear, rhino, giraffe, etc.

The Armed forces will be invited to attend wildlife conferences held by the Government, so contact can be made with wildlife experts, assesments made for forces required and our in country Ambassadors can facilitate the forces deployment at no cost to that county.

Soaking Up the Unemployed and young offenders.

The army has an imperative to ensure that their manpower and facilities are harnessed to soak up the unemployed and young offenders. The idea is anyone under the age of 30 either on the dole for more than 3 months or sentenced with a community order/custodial term will enter the army. In effect we are creating a compulsury national service scheme and you qualify by being on the dole or committing an offence.

The unemployed will be taken into the army via the normal channels for a 1 year term. The term will be served either as a operational soldier or confined to barracks or military detention.

Offenders will be entered into special units within the army for a two year term. They will serve for the two years as operational soldiers or be confined to military detention. In the worst case they will go back to prison to restart their sentence from the beginning. Any offenders with custodial sentences longer than two years will be required serve in the armed forces for the full term of their sentence. On leaving, their record will be wiped clean on condition their behaviour during their term is without blemish.