64% of civil service staff are paid below £30 000. 19% are paid below £20 000.

Median pay across the whole civil service is £26 000 per annum. For senior civil servants pay is £81 000.

An interesting perspective – average pay in HMRC is £24 000 against the Department for International Development where it is £51 000. The department that collects the lifeblood of our country is paid half that of a department that has no definable benefit to Great Britain.

The department for transport (shipless and hopeless) pays out upwards of £600 000 on its quangocrats.

Some Vice chancellors earn up wards of £440 000 per year. Average pay at a university is £31000.

Some staff in KCC earn just under £200 000 per year. Average pay for staff is £26000.

NHS trust chiefs earn upwards of £250 000 per annum. Average pay in the NHS is £26 000.

The most important role in government is the Prime Minister who earns £150 000 per year.

Policy for Pay and Pensions in the public sector.

Any public sector pay above £150 000 will be taxed at 100%. All public sector pay scales will be reduced, so no pay in any public sector is above the Prime Ministers salary.

Pensions for all public sector workers will be capped at that earned by someone on £ 35 000 per year. Any existing public sector pension above that will be taxed at 100%. All future public pensions will be limited as if £35000 had been earned. There is nothing to stop a senior member taking out a private pension. High earners need to understand that once you have retired you are just a retired person, you have no senior role – you are the same as everyone else. So you will recieve the same pension as all the other civil service retirees.