Our beautiful green island can only take so much urbanisation before serious limitations are encountered. With global warming and drier summers water shortages can become a future issue. Our sewage infrustructure is overwhelmed when high rainfall requires sewers to be diverted into our seas. The continued use of brownfield sites reduces the ability of start up businesses to thrive in a garage or the back of someones business. Our roads are horribly congested, our hospitals are overflowing with people. Getting our children into schools is a fraught time as there is so much competition for places.

But it is the dedgredation of our green fields that is the most upsetting, which we all have time to contemplate while sitting in traffic jams alongside thousands of new homes built without any consideration as what is good for the local society.

Let there be no doubt that a growing population grows an economy, so it follows that the EEC metric of uncontrolled migration will force economic growth.

BUT at what cost to our towns, cities and people.

The small cosy county town becomes totally impersonal, your GP doesnt know or care who you are. You are just a number to be moved through the local hospital. The trip across town at rush hour takes hours. Your council tax goes up – counter intuitavly it should go down as there are tens of thousands of houses. At what cost does Westminster drive development and even more development.

Planning Policy.

Any new homes are to be built with a roof full or PV solar panels so during the summer months the house is a stand alone electritiy genre