We are a group of individuals who believe that Great Britian is great. but we also see how the political climate has become stale, dsyfunctional, how the top and bottom ends of society seem to be able to do as they wish, while the rest of us beaver away paying our taxes and abiding by an ever increasing number of laws built to control the extremes at both ends of society.

Democracy is all. The power of the pen is all. Ideas that make sense to fine tune our society can come from the pen and be implemented by your vote – a simple cross in a box on polling day.

We are a party of optimists. But we are also realistic. We understand that creating a new political party, filling each constituancy with an intelligent, sensible, rational human being who will abide by the party manifesto (come what may) is and can be construed as delusional. Finding 500 or so people to stand is possible but getting them into Parliment is almost impossible.

So we ask all our readers to enter into the spirit of “if only we could” be in power, if only we could make a society that is better for all, if only we could get our ideas on paper and into the public domain for discussion, agreement and finalise them, so they could make a manifesto any rational Britian could vote for.

This web site is all about ideas, if you are specilist in your field and you can make a contribution please do so – this could end up being your party, so create it and enjoy it.