To survive as an individual household we need the following – heat, light, water, food and clothing.

To survive as a nation we have to avoid mono-anything. Mono-culture, mono-cropping, monopoloies of any shape or form.

As a nation we have to create a diverse everything in all aspects of our lives. Absolute reliance on a single thing will lead to a disaster at some time in the future.

The Reform party will ensure that our policies create a resiliant society that actually owns any strategic source required to make our society resiliant in the long term.

Monopolies will not be tolerated and will be sold off to their British employees who all have a stake in the country and will therefore work in the common interest of this country.

Key Resiliance Issues for Britian.



We will ensure that we have multiple sources of supply from all nations that sell oil including Russia.


Ditto for Gas


We will develop our coal industries so we can continue to use home grown power without reliance on external sources. Britian will develop the cleanest coal burning electrical technologies in the world. We will exempt this industry from the hysteria of CO2 mania as heating our home, lighting our street and hospitals are a given and we will nt be swayed away from home grown resiliance and emloyment in basic industries.


Every new build house will have its whole roof covered with solar panels to generate electricity and heat water. No exceptions.


All water companies will be owned by the British people.

Every new build house will be required to have a 10 000 litre tank installed in the garden for rain water capture.




Forests provide an immense source of heat energy, wood burning in clean burn stoves will be encouraged to soak up the death of 30% of the UK’s trees, caused by ash die back imported into this country from the contenient.




Electricity Generation

All our gas, coal and nuclear electricity power plants will be owned by the British people.