The government spends approx £139 billion p.a. on the country’s health.

Lets put PFI into perspective straight away. Total investment in PFI NHS contracts is £13 billion. Total repayment will be + £82 billion. Total cost of PFI is £69 billion Or 2 300 000 lost nursing years.

This is good value for money if you are a politition based in Westminster.

The NHS must be maintained as a government service without any kind of USA financialisation/open market type interference.

We are losing ambulance staff, nurses, doctors and consultants at an alarming rate. As the spiral downwards continues the pressure grows even higher on those left behind. Low wages for unsociable hours worked with no overtime leaves staff exhausted and demoralised. Extrodinarly high pay for senior staff and and their consultant friends lays waste to the funding pot. There are no in house training schemes for every hospital and GP practice thus the international recruitment drive.

PPI deals with NHS managers who have no idea of financialisation is sucking large amounts of additional funding out of the NHS.


Each year GP practices have approx 350 million consultations. Every year the hospitals have approx 500 million visits.

Our ambulance staff, nurses, doctors and consultants need a raise.

For each GP consultation a £10 charge will be levied. For each hospital visit a fee of £20 will be charged. This will raise £13.4 billion which will be used to increase each medical staff members pay by £5000 per annum. The residual £6 billion will go into training the new ambulance, nurse, doctor and consultants our country needs. Everyone will pay without exception, a refusal to pay will result in no access to the GP surgery or hospital. For A&E cases payment will be made by relatives or in any other reasonable way.

For any foreign nationals i.e. without UK permanant residence (UK NI card, UK address, local GP et al) treatment will only begin after production of travel insurance payment or credit card payment on entry.

There will be two paths to a nursing career – university and via an in-house path. Academic qualification will not be required for the in-house route as long as the candidate passes an academic test that allows the individual to handle all present and future aspects required for the role.