Its all about the Money !

Before we go into the detail of how undemocratic the EU is lets just talk hard cash.

Monthly salary (and Expenses for MEP’s):

Commissioners: 22 367 euro.

High Representative: 25846 euro.

Vice Presidents: 24852 euro.

The President: 27 436 euro.

EU MEP: 8484 euro. General Expenditure Allowance: 4299 euro. Staff Costs 24164 euro. Daily Attendance Allowance: Approx 6000 euro if in attendance for 20 days. Travel allowance: At cost. Personal Travel Allowance: 350 euros. Rough total excluding travel at cost: 43 297 euros per month.

EU Judge: 25000 euros.

How does it all work.

Its very intentionally complicated.

The 28 national leaders make up the European Council plus the European Council President and the European Commission President. They meet 4 to 6 times per year so the basic day to day running of the EU is by the two latter individuals.

The Germans and the French decide who the EU President and European Commission President will be. They brook no dissent or argument from the National leaders. Currently Juncker and Tusk.

The European Parliament are presented with one choice each for the two Presidents – they have to be accepted and voted for.

Each national leader can appoint one Commissionaire. Juncker then decides if he likes them and then presents the team of 28 to the EU Parliament who have no choice but to vote for the team. Juncker then decides who does what  There are no other options given. Each commissionaire can make as many laws as they like, they are accountable only to Juncker, they cannot be removed by the National leaders or the EU parliament.

The European Parliament is made up of 751 MEP’s voted for you via proportional representation and the seats are allocated by country population. The UK has 73 MEP’s, Germany 96, Malta, Estonia and Cyprus have 6 each. The European Parliament, our representatives, cannot make any laws, they cannot remove any individuals in the Commission, they can only negotiate with the Commission.

The totally undemocratic parts of the EU.

The European Parliament may approve or reject a legislative proposal, or propose amendments to it. The Council (read Commissionaires) is not legally obliged to take account of Parliaments opinion but in line with case law of the Court of Justice, it must not take a decision without having received it. 

 The 2 Presidents and 28 Commissionaires hold the lives of 500 million people in their hands. They create the laws, enforce the laws, manage policy and enforce policy.

Your elected representative is totally powerless but very well paid.

Britain has 1 vote out of 30 at the European Council level.

We have no influence at all, at the European Commission level.

We have 10% of votes at the totally useless EU Parliament level, therefore no ability to effect change in any way.