Morality verse Law.

Society is ruled by morality and law. In a perfect society there would be no laws – only morality. But humans are imperfect and therefore society is also imperfect. Society has developed over the years from a morality (religious)base towards a law based system of governance. In essence where morality ended, judge led laws were developed to safeguard the ruling classes initially but as populations have grown, to protect society in general. Judge lead laws were not enough to cater for bigger picture amorality e.g. the slave trade which was legal, incredibly profitable but totally amoral. So Parliament stepped in and managed to make it illegal – a typical example of where morality ends, the law has to pick up and rectify the problem. So: we have three bases for a good society, an inbred and trained morality base, judge led laws set by precedent and parliamentary laws developed to pick up the residual issues not covered by the previous two.

How has morality developed in British Society

Morality evolves from four areas, history/religion, parents, school/training/university, Government and society itself (as long as living conditions are benign and comfortable).

Maintaining a moral balance is very difficult as it is necessary for the above to be in balance and work together. Amoral parents, hijacked or poor education, can and will create pockets of amoral/criminal behavior but in a diverse society this can be controlled and brought back to the norm through intervention and the will of the moral majority.

The greatest threat to society is an unaccountable and amoral government. One has to mention the first and second world wars, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco et al to understand this point. Unlike the infinitely small breakdown in an individual’s morality which can be brought back on track via education or incarceration, an out of control government is a great danger to all citizens in a country and for neighboring countries.

What can throw this balance out of kilter?

Growing amorality within the population.

Absolute power by the ruling classes.

The creation of endless laws to control every aspect of life – AKA as America or Russia or the EU.

A judicial system that is not separate from the absolute power of the ruling classes.

Wealth accruing into fewer and fewer hands.

Vast, unaccountable to anyone, global corporations.

Politicians bought via lobbying.

A vast number of restricting laws that replace morality with absolute obedience for example: We have to hand over a jew for gassing because the laws says we must or black people can’t ride on a whites only bus so they need to walk.

Any society that demands more laws, more control and stifles freedom of speech using spurious “hate crime” as an excuse needs to be very, very careful about the direction of travel.

Growing amorality within sectors of the population

The causes of this are many and varied. One parent families, dependence on drugs, alcohol, the DSS, an aversion to work, criminal behavior. Mental illness in the community which is not been properly treated. Religious differences, immigration without integration, racism – which goes both ways, apartheid in ethnic communities towards British society. Now as a final development political correctness which allows a very tiny minority of our society to restrict freedom of speech.

The British education, social services and charities systems have to handle this huge task.

Action Plan.

The Reform Party watchword will always be our morality. As a people, we will always care for the weaker, provide an equal platform for success for the majority and ensure that the strong do not allow greed to skew society to the advantage of a tiny elite.

Freedom of the Individual

The Reform Party is a libertarian party that would like the population to live via moral rules but we understand that in a very diverse society this is not feasible. The only law that will stand from the EEC will be Article 8 – the human rights law.

The other way to protect the moral majority will be that all fines and charges levied over and above normal taxation e.g. parking fines, speeding fines, court fines and charges etc. will go into the central government pot. This will stop the amoral money hungry in government using financial leverage against the ordinary citizen.